OK, heads up!  We are not really a  business. “We” are one girl who is a dammmmmn goood discount finder.  I’m a pen pal and a fountain pen enthusiast and decided to put all the hot deals I find in one spot.

There will be lots of links to products: if you decide to buy the product please do so by using the link provided HERE; that’s how I make a few cents to support my mail habit!  I’ve joined the affiliate programs with amazon and a few other retailers but you’ll always get the best deal even if I’m not affiliated with a store!

There will be group buys!  If I see a discount that requires a bulk purchase, I’ll collect enough from enough people to make the purchase and ship it out to you all!  On group purchases you’ll usually have to pay shipping but I won’t have an exact amount but I’ll make sure the total is less than if you bought a single item yourself, promise!  Group buys will be smaller items like stamps (save on shipping!), Washi sets, paper goods, low price pens, etc.

There will be coupon codes!  I’m going to be contacting likely vendors and asking for coupon codes for you all!  Hopefully the vendors will commission me and you’ll save some money!

There will be exclusive items here such as the fountain pen friendly stationery I print on Clairfefontain Clairmail (I’m so going to marry that delicious paper!).  I guarentee the only lower price for my paper goods than listed here are my personal You Are My Friend deals.  Pinky Swear

There will be unusual products that will be of interest to snail mail and and fountain people.  I’m a damn good shopper as I said.  If I can’t get you a direct discount and link the vendor, I’ll have you pay me what it costs for me to buy +$1 (thank you!!) and I’ll use my google-fu and have it shipped directly to you.

REUESTS:  Want something but it’s too damn much?  Think others want it too?  Use the Contact form or email me at pen.pal.appreciation@gmail and I’ll try to get you a lower price. =)

Any Ideas other schemes and scams I can use to get you guys cheaper prodcuts?  Comment.

I AM NOT THE MAKER OF ANY PRODUCT OTHER THAN THE FOUNTAIN PEN STATIONERY.  I take no responsibility for the quality of merchandisee or shipping time, actually that your product will arrive at all.  However I will make a hurculean effort to see you get satisfaction if something goes wrong.  Average shipping for the products I plan to post are 2days to 16 weeks (no kidding)

AMAZON PRIME:  If you are either a fountain person OR a pen pal who loves the crafty side of letters I REALLY recommend you get Amazon Prime.  I have a LOT of products to share with you from DEEEEEEP DOWN IN THE DARK of Amazons most laborious search key.  As a pen pal and fountaineer I have saved at least 300-500 this year on shipping.

IF YOU CAN’T GET AMAZON PRIME AND YOU LIVE IN THE US:  For a $2 PITA (pain in the ass) fee you can pay me the cost of your item as an amazon egift card and I will buy your item and ship free using my prime account (I didn’t see anything that said I couldn’t!)  A gratuity of 25-50% of what you WERE GONNA PAY FOR SHIPPING added to the gift card would be cool and your total will still be less then you were going to pay! =)




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