First blog post

All the deals are listed in posts where it says HOT DEALS.  You may have to scroll down for it (why should i be the only one who does any work!?)

I’m giving you the BEST DEAL I CAN FIND.  If I don’t like deals I’m going to try to work with small vendors on bulk ordering and do Group Orders.  I’m going to contact  vendors of items I like and ask for coupon codes to share with you all.  I’m going to see to it that nobody in the states pays shipping if they buy off my amazon link unless they like spending extra money!  I’m even going to do my best to make international shipping a real possibility instead of a cost prohibitive cock blocker!

I worked for 10 hours on this today and I’ll keep it up tomorrow and for a few weeks til every product I love for the Pen Pal and Fountain Pen communities are listed.

REMEMBER THAT PEN PAL APPRECIATION MONTH IS JUNE and it’s about time to order items you want to have delivered by then if you’re dealing with small (slow) vendors.  Tomorrow or the next day I’ll post some lovely items but here’s ONE easter egg of an item hidden from the rest of the deals because it is funny!


Comes in Gold or Silver. We will env neck gold

Above comes in Gold or Silver tone and is one of the Official items for sale as part of Pen Pal Appreciation Month in June.  ANYTHING you send counts, but this is one of the things we picked after combing the net for adorable items at a good value.  I HAVE THIS myself, as I do almost all the items I list in this blog.  Here’s the link it’s currently 12.99 with free shipping!  Don’t forget if you don’t have PRIME I can ship for you for no fee (but gratuities accepted because mama needs a new printer!)


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