INTRODUCTORY DEALS! Hot stuff for Bullet journal and paper lovers & crafty pen pals

Note: if you refuse to get yourself Prime from Amazon I still want you to get free shipping SO:  put the item in your basket where you’ll find it later and CONTACT ME on facebook (Jocelyn Silver black and white profile pic) or email  I’ll get your shipping info and have you pay me for your item which I will order with MY PRIME ACCOUNT AND SHIP TO YOUR ADDRESS (Pay me in an amazon e-gift card which you can buy on the site an email to me) I don’t have a fee for doing this but I am trying to get a good hustle on so a gratuity of 10%+ added to the card is nice and MUCH less than shipping

International shipping on these sites is a joke so we’ll do this:  If you want an item but the inat shipping is inflated above actual cost contact me.  We’ll arrange for you to buy and ship to me.  I’ll lighten the packaging if you want (you pay for any boxes I have to buy) and ship it at the REAL price however you want it shipped (insurance, tracking, expedite etc).  IT’LL WORK LIKE THIS:  BUY ONLY RETURNABLE ITEMS, RETURN SHIPPING MUST BE *FREE*.  After we speak you will buy and ship to my address.  I will go to the post office and find out the real price of shipping (about a half hour job).  I’ll contact you and if you like the cost you will Paypal me the cost of shipping PLUS $3 USD Gratuity or more if you like.  I’ll ship within a week of receiving your package.  IF THE PRICES FOR SHIPPING IS TOO MUCH, I’LL SIMPLY HAVE YOU CONTACT THE SELLER AND START A RETURN and as long as return shipping is free, I’ll pop it in the mail and send it back for you (gratuity appreciated on returns because they are double the work)




LEUCHTTURM1917 orange or green **9.99 USE THIS LINK FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL PURCHASE PLEASE)A5 JOURNAL (REAL DEAL ITEM, DISCONTINUED COLOR).  FREE SHIPPING WITH PRIME.  If you don’t have prime it’s $4 in the US to ship and at LEAST $18 global.

FOR US CUSTOMERS USING THIS LINK, I will be happy to have you send me an AMAZON CARD for the amount of purchase plus 10% gratuity and I will have it shipped to you at no additional charge directly from seller!

FOR NOT US:  I think their shipping rate is inflated.  You may purchase and ship to me.  I’ll get the REAL shipping cost and send on to you.  You pay for any packing materials I buy to lighten the load and fright.  Estimate 7-$10 USD.  I WILL GIVE YOU THE AMOUINT DUE FOR POSTAGE WHEN I RECEIVE THE PACKAGE.  If it is too rich for you, we’ll just return the item to Amazon and get you a refund.  If you proceed you’ll paypal me the shipping cost and gratuity of 10% or so.



copy and past the URL to find lime green or orange journals, great for fountain pens, bullet journals, and school/business notes!  I have MANY!




If you’re making envelopes or just want to spiffy up store bought ones a nice address/return address area is good to have.  The following hole punches have been used by me to make labels.  I’ll also post a link for the Sticker Machine I use to make my labels stay on good but you can use a glue stick if you pick a GREAT one (when I used a walmart 4pack my labels came off and half my mail got returned!)

ek lrg sq




ek real estate

THIS GUY IS MY FAVORITE, Room for most international addresses (except Central America because their addresses are enormous!)  This is the cheapest, too at a bit over $10


For the least total expenditure over time, get the 2.5″ sticker machine I’m linking.  There is one that is 1.5 inch but you will go through adhesive refills MUCH FASTER with that machine.  My Sticker Machine is my TOTAL FAVORITE CRAFT TOOL and I use it on all kinds of project!  Creative Pen Pals must have!   THERE ARE TWO LISTINGS FOR REFILLS ON AMAZON (the only place I can find them regularly)

ONLY $12.49!  I use mine for at LEAST 20 things a day!  I make address labels, labels for boxes and jars, stickers by stamping an image on paper and cutting it before running through the machine!  I get about THREE WEEKS from each REFILL of adhesive but I also have about 60 penpals that write regularly so I’m making a LOT of labels.

TRICK:  When your sticker machine starts to sound like a wounded dinosaur, order your next refill!  Took me a while to get that one down though I honestly buy like 3 whenever I get money.xyronFor the sticker machine go here for the best price I can find, if you go rougue and get the 1.5″ machine don’t blame me when you use 2x as many refills!

xyron refilRefill’s for Sticker Machine. Get PERMANENT if you’re using it for mail.  Temporary is for scrapbooking.  Get 2 the first time to go with the one that comes with the machine.  You WILL use them and you’ll figure out your own pace.  Personally I subscribed to auto-order it each month so I don’t screw myself ahahahah

7.99 Each with link.  (Rough Shoppers who use the search engine will get a 10.99 offer hahah) LINK:



I’m linking you to the CHEAPER ONE (if you use the search engine and not the link it’ll cost you $3 extra bucks).  Please do me a solid and use this site’s link every time you refill, it’s no extra for you and I make a few cents!



(note to newbies:  Hi!  if you take my suggestions and you get the martha stewart board and all this cool label and envelope stuff, I’d be HAPPY to share the tricks of the trade with you!  I have all kinds of suggestions and things to tell you NEVER to try plus I’m a mail geek and can tell you what to do to make sure your envelopes dont piss off the postman! facebook name is Jocelyn Silver with a 2nd name of Jocelyn Stengel my profile pic is b & w, send a friend request and a PM or email

YO!  You love your penpals and want to wow and delight them.  Get some paper, some glue, and an envelope tool and get at it.

YES there are those who make them by hand with no tools but their envelopes are generally a little, shall we say, “rustic”.  The two tools I present make nice CRISP CLEAN envelopes that you use with the address labels I showed you how to make above.  I USE THE MARTHA STEWART 12.5″ punch board and I’ll never waiver but I hear nice things about the We R’ Memory Keepers option so I included.

I am not yet an affiliate for Wal-Mart so I’m not making anything off your purchase, but it’s SOOOO much cheaper than anywhere else right now, even with shipping added on it’s only $25.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll make it back on all the money you save by making your own because the better you get, the more creative you get, the more you spend!  HAHAHAH I seriously have enough paper here for half a year’s mail but keep getting more and i Have TEN punches like above for variety… and here come the die cuts soon… so please do it  because you want to delight your friends, not because you think it’s a good fiscal investment, k?

Martha Stewart Score Bored and Envelope Tool (makes envelopes that are of correct size/shape for one first class stamp up to #10 (for your a4/legal/computer paper) as well as little gift boxes and cards. COMES WITH BONE FOLDER BUT I BOUTH THE NICER ONE WITH A HANDLE (twice cuz I loose shit)  If you find a better price in the US that is not out of stock PLEASE COMMENT WITH LINK for your fellow shoppers!  =)

For this tool you’ll be buying 12″ x 12″ paper and cutting it to the size perscribed fo the envelope you want to make.  I’ll link my favorite space saving cutting board.  Using scissors for the sizing of it will just look sloppy and that’s on you if you don’t believe me =)  You DO want a pair of “detail scissors” for cutting out little scraps to fold your envelope around and I’ll link my favorite here… the craftier you get the more you’ll use those detail scissors and they kick the butt of the exact-o knives I have!


pro tip: mark the scores on the spots you commonly use, color coding by envelope size so you dont have to measure all the time.  It also helps you ensure you made a straight score!scoreboard marked

Here’s a cheaper envelope tool.  Its users swear by it but it can’t make an envelope longer than 8.5 inch which is a tight fit for american standard paper and Fountain pen users using fun paper from other countries may have trouble with the the limitation (think the huge Rhodia and funky Tomoe that’s the size of a bed sheet!)  I post it because it’s cheaper than above.  Link:


you also use adhesive to make and then seal the envelope.  MY FAVORITE is the below Glue Pen.  It’s more expensive but it’s got like 0 mess making risk.  My best pen pal uses this glue stick (but she also re-seals with washi so that’s cheating!).  The Tombow glue runner is pretty rad with little mess chance.  I’m also linking an ADHESIVE ERASER for when you get the sticky stuff on your desk or the wrong part of an envelope it’s a project/furniture save so GET IT.

RECOMMENDED: GLUE PEN (most expensive, best product) One lasts me about a month.  10.62 each

POPULAR WITH THE EUROPEANS:  Pritt extra strong glue stick.  Lasts a lot longer than the glue pen but I don’t trust glue sticks and the mess potential is high.  Less than $8

The tombow glue roller honestly is even tidier than the glue pen but get yourself the refills early they go fast.  Great for scrapbook as are both of the above as well.

I dug this deal up for you!  For $9.74 you get the runner which has one roll of adhesive in it plus THREE refills!  best deal I’ve seen!

HERE’s some detail scissors, not required but helpful and you’ll use them for other projects too.  This is the exact set I swear by: They are a little pricey at 15.19 but you don’t need to order them right away.  I LOVE THEM FOR ALL KINDS OF JOBS THO.

And finally, for the paper:

GO TO WAL MART!  Go to the scrapbooking section which is often hidden over by the party supplies and not with the craft stuff.  They have a decent selection.  Don’t buy anything with glitter or foil it will ruin your envelope and keep it from closing.  For a bigger selection use Amazon.  Michael’s is a JOKE for the paper, all they ahve is this oversized stuff or single sheets.

Card stock will make your mail heavier meaning less pages can fit and still use a single stamp.  I use it for fancypants letters but I also have a scale to make sure i’m underweight.  At first, stick with regular craft paper.  CHECK THAT ALL THE PAGES ARE 12 x 12″.  Ideology and other brands have sets with a variety of sizes and you can’t use anything smaller than 8.5 x 8.5 for the SMALLEST envelope the Martha Board can make.

Here’s some of my favorite pads chosen for PRICE based on COST PER SHEET rather than overall total price.  I have used many of these and get lots of delightful feedback on them.  I’ll even include a few pads that will be appropriate for envelopes for dudes if you’re going to give/sell these! AND HAVE FUN GOING DOWN THE PAPER RABBIT HOLE, SORRY ABOUT YOUR BUDGET!!

“girly Girl” $4.80

“vintage treasure” of which you might as well get two because you’ll be buying it a lot.  TONS of compliments

“doodle” for something a little manlier:

“bright ideas” $5



Another good for the ladies or the gents called “pebbles”.  Nearly $24 but it’s got 180 sheets in it so it’s a GOOD INVESTMENT.  If I had to pick your first paper purchase, I’d tell you to go for this.

ok, that’s litterally everything you need for home made envelopes but the letter and the stamp.  Remember I’m around if you have questions or suggestions, penpalling people!


CHECK THIS BLOG DAILY FOR NEW DEALS!  TOMMOROW’S FOCUS WILL BE ON PAPER FOR PENPALS AND FOUNTAIN PEN USERS (And of course some stationery for pen pals who also use fountain pens.

Good night!

PS Here’s a couple washi deals to check out, no pics just try the links.  These are SETS and GOOD DEALS when broken down to the per unit price.  Remember Washi is usually 3.5 plus shipping if you get it onlin!

12 rolls @ 13.70.  Rolls I keep almost buying individually so I like this set:

12 rolls floral washi 14.79


THAT IS ALL FOR NOW, there’ll be a whole washi page soon enough!  TA!


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