Thursday 4/13 Washi and Fountain Paper Focus

Ok, here’s where I hid the deals… from the home page scrollllll to the bottom of the page and click the option on the far right.  When I larn how to computer like a grown up I’ll put it somewhere better, but for now it’s like a secret clubhouse for us bargain hounds.

Today’s focus is mostly but not only WASHI DEALS and FINE PAPER for fountain pens (not the cheap secret awesome stuff, the premium).

Washi tape deals are based not on total cost of the deal but on cost per unit or if the design is special in some way

Paper is just random, best price of each I could find based on per sheet price.  BUT I always assume a Prime membership on Amazon and NO FREE BILLING on other sites.  Remember if you don’t have prime I can order if for you if you’re kind enough to tip me out for it.

As the day goes on I may edit so always re-read the bargains the following day.  If you know of a better deal CONTACT ME & COMMENT!  We’re in this together right?  If you have a product related to fountan pen frenzy, snail mail, or pen palling that you’d like me to hunt the english speaking world for use the Contact section cuz I totally take requests



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